This year has seen the Biggest Transitions ever in the World of Work. Covid-19 has expediated changes we expected in the coming years. The Future of Work is Most Definitely NOW and 2020 sees us compiling our 5th Annual OIGP Future of Work is Now Global Study and this year’s findings promises to be the most fascinating ever.

As a leader in your field, we invite you to lend your voice to this critical change occurring in the world.  This study will take 5 minutes of your time.

OIGP is made up of 1,000 People Change consultants across 28 countries. The global research results play a valuable role each year in helping us and our partner to adapt our offerings to become more relevant for our clients. In return for your time, you will be first to receive the 5th Annual Future of Work is Now Report when published by the End of 2020.

You will also receive an invite for a Special ‘Future of Work is Now Webinar’ in January 2021 hosted by Mäder & Partner AG.

Thank you for your time and support and every best wish in the ever changing world of work.

Best regards

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement