About us

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement is a company specialising in outplacement and new placement, HR solutions for reorganisation, and career coaching. We are a committed, interdisciplinary team with many years of experience in the areas of leadership and career consultancy.

Effective tools, an extensive network and many years of experience. We are your partner in the process of professional reorientation.

Our proximity to the client, our high degree of professionalism and many years of experience, our “feel” for people, along with the above-average commitment of our team of 18 advisers, combine to ensure our success as a consultancy firm. With our offices in Zurich, Baden, Basel and Lausanne, and our partners in St. Gall and Berne, we are geographically flexible and can guarantee our ability to provide advice on a continuous basis throughout Switzerland.

A core value of Mäder & Partner is commitment to resource orientation. Change is challenging, but filled with new opportunities, not the least of which is the chance to change. We are your partner in that process.



  • 2009 Foundation of Career Centre GmbH New Placement in September in Basel, simultaneous establishment in Baden

  • 2010 Expansion with small office in Zurich, first commissions in Lausanne

  • 2011 First larger scale projects. Recruitment of additional staff, thereby expanding the team to present size

  • 2012 First commissions in St. Gall and Berne, expansion of range of activities to include management coaching at all management levels

  • 2013 Move to larger, more central offices in Zurich at Uraniastrasse 24, opposite Jelmoli

  • 2014 Change of name: “Career Centre GmbH New Placement” becomes “Mäder & Partner AG New Placement”

Links, partner & memberships

Since 2016 Mäder & Parter is actively supporting “Future for Children”.

Verein Zukunft für Kinder (Future for Children) is a Swiss NPO mobilizing funding in Switzerland towards implementing a development program in Muntigunung, Northeast Bali, Indonesia, focusing on water supply and livelihood development. Our aim is to enable approx. 5’500 less privileged villagers to help themselves.

Learn more about the project




Mäder & Partner AG works both with stock-exchange listed companies in Switzerland and with a large number of smaller and medium-sized companies in a variety of branches. For reasons of discretion we prefer not to publish the names of our clients. For further information, please call us.


Zurich office

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement
Sihlfeldstrasse 58 – directions
8003 Zürich

Telefon: +41 43 497 37 63
E-Mail: info(at)maederundpartner.ch

Baden office

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement
Schartenrainstrasse 21 – directions
5400 Baden

Telefon: +41 79 216 16 63
E-Mail: info(at)maederundpartner.ch

Basel office

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement
Lindenhofstrasse 34 – directions
4052 Basel

Telefon: +41 61 271 34 85
E-Mail: info(at)maederundpartner.ch

Lausanne office

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement
℅ OASYS Consultants
Rue du Crêt 2 – directions
1006 Lausanne

Telefon: +41 21 612 30 20
E-Mail: info(at)maederundpartner.ch

St. Gall office

Mäder & Partner AG New Placement
Oberer Graben 12 – directions
9001 St. Gallen

Telephone: +41 76 418 98 95
E-Mail: info(at)maederundpartner.ch