Newplacement / Outplacement

Proximity to people is important to us. Three factors allow us to provide effective professional support: individualized advice, our team’s superior level of commitment, and many years of experience on both sides of the recruitment process. These capabilities enable us to focus on all aspects of career transition. Our comprehensive advice is tailored to each individual’s personal situation.

We have a modular structure and updated handouts as a practical introduction to career progression and use supporting tools along with current insights and Know-How.

Our services differ clearly from the traditional form of outplacement. We offer coaching and advice to people in a career transition phase. We also go one step further and combine this with active in-placement and new placement support. Working together with our candidates, we seek out the right job for them while actively involving our in-house network in the process. We help you to position yourself vis-à-vis a potential employer.

We work on a needs-oriented basis: we can develop an individually designed program that is tailored to your company and individual needs. Costs and time frames are determined in advance, but the schedule and number of meetings are determined according to the individual situation and requirements with no upper limit on the length or number of meetings. The Mäder & Partner New Placement program is ideal for senior management, executives at all levels, and employees.

Our program comprises five modules that build on one another to give the best possible preparation for our client’s next professional challenge.

Module 1: Skills appraisal

Identifying resources. Analyzing strengths. Determining aims.

Skills appraisal lets you examine your behavior and inclinations more closely, thereby creating a basis for your career transition.

What questions are asked?

  • How do I operate and how do I evaluate and feel about my counterpart?
  • How do I communicate?
  • What working style suits me?
  • What contribution can I / would I like to make?
  • How do I react under pressure?
  • What opportunities are open to me and with which risks?

How do you identify these aspects?

In Module 1 you use one or more personality analysis instruments. You go into a one-to-one session and work on worksheets and checklists which we supply both online and in hard copy. Your adviser supports you in this key self-perception phase and reflects your outward nature with proven coaching methods.

What do you get from this module?

Insight about yourself and the new path you want to follow.

Module 2: Market analysis

Understanding the job market. Recognizing opportunities.

Insights from Module 1 help define your professional motivation and enable you to draw up a personal competency profile where you can formulate your needs and goals.

What questions are asked?

  • What job would I want to do if I could choose freely?
  • Can I realistically pursue the professional scenarios that emerge from Module 1?
  • What possibilities and opportunities do I have in the present and future job market?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What goals do I want to pursue and which are possible?

How do you achieve these insights?

You have access to practical tutorials and can draw up your personal profile and goals with the help of tools that have been tried and tested over many years. In Module 2, you receive practical guidance and get to know your personal vision and goals.

What does this module provide you with?

It gives you a basis on which to decide the main direction of your career transition. The boundary between Module 1 and 2 is deliberately fluid.

Module 3: Application file

Professional, precise, convincing

These days, job applications are subject to unavoidable expectations of trends which we are very well acquainted with. Together, we develop an expressive, market-oriented and con-vincing job application documents, which form your career transition passport.

What questions are asked?

  • What documents are indispensable in a market-compliant set of application documents today?
  • How do I write and edit my documents?
  • How do I design my CV in such a way that sparks interest?
  • How do I present my documents in a way that meets today’s standards?
  • How quickly do I need to react in today’s business world?

How do you achieve these insights?

You edit the documents together with your adviser and receive professional guidance as well as checklists, worksheets, and a variety of specific, practical examples.

What does this module provide you with?

Edited, personal application documents that serve as your marketing and sales tool in the job market.

Module 4: Application strategy

Tailor-made action plans using the Mäder & Partner network.

You gain a comprehensive overview of all avenues of research as well as tips for efficient job seeking. Together, we analyse the job market and work out a personal route for your targeted search and how to best apply. You will also, together with your adviser, establish what networking activities should be initiated.

What questions are asked?

  • What search channels are there?
  • Which channels can I use in a targeted manner?
  • When do I consult additional advisers?
  • How should the networks of my personal adviser and Mäder & Partner be used?
  • How do I apply for a job online? How do I put my profile on professional online platforms?
  • How do I find and use my personal network?

How do you achieve these insights?

You learn about the various possibilities through tutorials and by using tools that have been tested in the real world. In this phase you will be very actively supported by your adviser.

What does this module provide you with?

A guiding thread that runs through the whole sequence of job-application activities and self-marketing strategies.
Personal application documents you have developed to use as your “marketing and sales instrument”.

Module 5: Job interview training

Interview training with the latest techniques and objective self-perception.

We work together with you to prepare for interviews with potential employers by learning the theoretical ground rules, receiving practical examples, and practicing role play.

What questions are asked?

  • What do I need to know about the content and process of a job interview?
  • How do I prepare for an interview effectively?
  • Which interview techniques can I use?
  • What needs to be done in terms of visual impact, manner, and body language?

How do you achieve these insights?

You read the materials and prepare yourself with checklists. The most important component of this module is training with or without the video camera, with your personal adviser and if re-quired, an additional trainer. In this way, you gain valuable concrete experience with a variety of interviewers.

What does this module provide you with?

Confidence in your manner and your verbal interaction.

Additional module: Pathway to self-employment

From business plan to implementation

You want to be self-employed and want to know how to do it? We can help you achieve your goal and provide an overview of all the issues you may face. Our practitioners are ready to advise you and answer any questions.

What questions are asked?

  • What practical conditions need to be fulfilled?
  • How do I prepare a professional business plan?
  • What partner organizations are there on the market to guide me in the initial phase of self-employment?
  • What practical points should I pay attention to in areas such as financing, marketing, insurance and life stage planning?
  • How do I do this, what with and with whom?
  • What time horizon should I set myself?

How do you achieve these insights?

We use real-life tested tutorials, and you can ask the advice of specialists and experienced business people, as required.

What does this module provide you with?

Concrete advice and tips for starting out on your own in a targeted and practice-oriented manner. We aim is to support you in your first steps towards a promising and successful future of self-employment.

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