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Separation always involves putting distance between yourself and the familiar, and daring to do something new. This is true both for employers and employees.

Our clients are responsible employers, who meet their social responsibilities if redundancies have to be made for any reason. We support your staff in career transition with outplacement or a new placement.

We always work on a needs-oriented basis: cooperating closely with the company, we can develop and offer a programme that is tailored to your companie’s size and individual needs, taking into account the seniority levels and the job market ‘fit’ of the people concerned. Costs and the time frame are determined in advance, but the schedule and number of meetings are organised according to individual’s situation and demands.

All programmes are individually designed, with no limits on the number or the length of the meetings.


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Proximity to people is important to us. Three factors allow us to provide effective professional support: individualised advice, our team’s above-average level of commitment, and our many years of experience on both sides of the recruitment process. These capabilities enable us to focus on all aspects of career transition. Our comprehensive advice is tailored to each individual’s personal situation. In this process, we apply supporting modules and up-to-the minute information sheets as a practical introduction to career progression. We thereby help the employee concerned to become aware of realistic possibilities and to proactively create new professional pathways.

Management coaching, management development

Coaching fosters reflection on patterns of action in the professional and private context. The coach, acts as sparring partner, initiates and accelerates a process of personal growth, vocational reorientation or decision-making. Leadership coaching provides optimum support for executives in assuming a new leadership position, and encourages periodic reflection on their own leadership behaviour. Clear goals and time limits are set at the start of each consultancy brief. Mäder & Partner understand coaching as an ongoing project. Our goal is guidance towards self-management


  • Leadership style
    • Delegating, self-positioning, congruence of foreign and self-image
    • Taking on new functions
    • Introduction to leadership practice, professional support, monitoring
  • Team leadership
    • Staff motivation, management process, problem-solving strategies
  • Workplace scenarios
    • Strategy development using concrete, practical examples


  • Work-Life-Balance
    • Self-management in the conflict between professional and private
  • Career Transition
    • Personal skills matrix, goal definition, recognising potential in professional transitions

Personal reorientation

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Everyone wants to ascertain the extent and nature of his or her resources. Awareness of one’s own abilities and personal needs is a requirement for success in any field. People who know who they are, what they can do and what they stand for are more likely to achieve success in their professional and private lives. Especially prior to a transition into a new professional challenge, the key to success lies in knowing one’s own strengths and possibilities. This knowledge can be used to write a professional success story.  Our team of advisers uses tried and true skills appraisal coaching methods, working however in a very individual and resource-oriented manner by using a range of psychological test processes. Successful performance is complex and multi-facetted. We deliver core advice on effectiveness in your current role and possible future roles.


Comprehensive appraisal of achievements, abilities, and personal preferences is a prerequisite for success.

Mäder & Partner conduct assessments at all leadership levels, delivering key advice for effectiveness in current and future roles. The process includes a battery of psychological tests, stress interviews and comprehensive competency-based interviews, together with preparation of a personality profile. This enables a clear evaluation of a candidate’s suitability for the position in question.

Psychological tests
Stress interviews
Competency-based interviews
Personality profile

Guidance in reorganisations

Restructuring is always a highly complex operation for everyone involved. We can assist you in this difficult phase by providing support in all aspects of a staff reduction programme, including assistance on the scene. Our advisers have many years’ experience in the strategic and operational management of restructuring projects. We know how much depends on this challenging process. It is essential for a company’s reputation that a difficult process of this sort be managed in a highly professional and in a resource-oriented manner. You can rely on our expertise!

Mäder & Partner supports companies in all aspects of reorganisation. We offer comprehensive guidance, consisting of the following services:

  • Situation analysis: preparation of a detailed project, budget and action plan
  • Negotiations with internal and external stakeholders
  • Development of a company-wide redundancy plan
  • Creation of a communication strategy in collaboration with the company management
  • Interview preparation training for executives
  • New placement initiatives for professional reorientation
  • Effective action for retention
  • Structured feedback and follow-up