For executives

At Mäder & Partner, we offer much more than traditional outplacement: our service includes professional positioning and networking for the applicant. Not just offering advice in the context of career transition, we provide active job-search support, integrating you in our network, and placing your application with potential employers.

Proximity to people is important to us, because our experience shows that the key to successful professional reorientation is knowledge of your own competencies, goals and limits, together with targeted placement of your talents. We can offer you highly professional and committed support based on individual advice, our team’s high degree of commitment and our many years of experience as senior HR professionals. The Mäder & Partner New Placement Programme encompasses all aspects of career transition. Comprehensive advice is tailored to the personal situation of each individual. You can rely on our expertise!

Mäder & Partner offer support that is needs-oriented. Costs are determined in advance, but the schedule and number of meetings are determined according to individual situation and requirements.





Personal reorientation


Everyone wants to ascertain the extent and nature of his or her resources. Awareness of one’s own abilities and personal needs is a requirement for success in any field. People who know who they are, what they can do and what they stand for are more likely to achieve success in their professional and private lives. Especially prior to a transition into a new professional challenge, the key to success lies in knowing one’s own strengths and possibilities. This knowledge can be used to write a professional success story.

 Our team of advisers uses tried and true skills appraisal coaching methods, working however in a very individual and resource-oriented manner by using a range of psychological test processes.

Successful performance is complex and multi-facetted. We deliver core advice on effectiveness in your current role and future roles.



Coaching enables reflection on action patterns in the professional and private context.

The coach, acts as sparring partner, initiates and accelerates an entire process of personal growth, professional reorientation and decision-making.

We are a team of nationally and internationally qualified coaching specialists with many years of experience in a very wide range of sectors, and so are able to offer highly individual knowledge-based advice. A key point in our work is the personal and professional development of executives.

The coaching we offer is specific and practice-oriented. Our team of trainers uses tried and tested methods, following the steps below:

  • Definition of the work of coaching
  • In-depth analysis of the client’s own values, positions, preferences and behaviour patterns
  • Reflection on professional and personal biography, definition of future direction
  • Drawing up a well-grounded action plan

Coaching generally comprises seven sessions, in which the trainer presents the bases for your own action plan, which you develop and proactively implement. Mäder & Partner see coaching as continuous intervention. Our goal is guidance towards self-management.


Leadership coaching


Leadership coaching provides optimum support for executives when they take up a new leadership position. Use is made of concrete examples to analyse the challenges of leading both small and large teams, and goal-winning strategies are delineated. Periodic leadership coaching can also be recommended as an opportunity to reflect on personal leadership behaviour.