Career/CPD Planning

There are two aspects to professional career advice.

Together, we analyze your own employability. Today’s job market is complex and multi-layered. We live in an era of constant and fast-paced technological advances and social change. Employees are increasingly expected to combine specialist knowledge with broader, cross-disciplinary skills. Actively exploring your own strengths and skills helps maintain your employability and ensures you are an attractive prospect for today employers. A professional analysis of your career resources will keep you at the top of your game in a competitive job market.

Equally important is your personal status review. Career planning also turns the spotlight on your own needs, interests and values. By taking personal responsibility and demonstrating a confident independence, you will ensure that you do not get left by the wayside but, instead, proactively adjust your personal career path.

Our qualified careers advisors can draw on a big toolbox of methods, selecting those tools which best fit the individual’s current situation and issues. We look forward to developing new perspectives and priorities with you.

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