Workshop / Webinars

All interactive workshops take place on site at our Zurich/Basel locations and/or online (via Zoom). They
combine input from our facilitator / expert with a structured set of activities – such as interactive group work
and practical exercises. They are held in small groups to allow participants to learn, exchange and connect
with each other. Additionally, they offer a great opportunity to expand the participants’ network within a
professional environment.

Preparation work: The participants will receive a preparation work beforehand. As some of the workshops
consist of two parts, the preparation work will allow the participant to work on and practice a specific topic
in between.

On demand: The workshop “Successful Appearance” and all English workshops are only held upon request.
Registration via the personally assigned consultant.



Corporate & Management Recruiting and Job Market

This webinar is intended for people working or aiming to work in an international environment. The participants will gain insight into the corporate recruiting strategies and processes in Switzerland and abroad and how to maintain a competitive advantage in a global job market. You know how to position your-self, increase your impact, think on ways to future-proof your career and stay marketable and visible.

Corporate & Management Networking – Define your personal branding Roadmap

How and with which mindset do you network in a corporate environment or / and at Management level, looking at operational, personal and strategic networking. The webinar will draw your attention to identifying the most important stakehold-ers and to reframing your thinking to talk about potential opportunities. What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and your personal Elevator Pitch for, when do you use them and how do you define your per-sonal branding roadmap.

Corporate & Management Interview Training in the context of work 4.0

A sound professional preparation to master any interview situation. One focus will be the message that should be left behind in the context of work 4.0 depending on your audience. Where you will make a real difference compared to other candidates will be another important input. We will touch upon presenting business cases and the various digital and on-site testing procedures. Based on individual feedbacks, the par-ticipants will receive further valuable contributions from their peers.

Digital Branding: LinkedIn

To optimally leverage Social Media, this workshop gives participants the tools to use LinkedIn for an efficient positioning and job search strategy, as well as to develop and stay in touch with their professional network. It will offer an overview of how to plan, design, optimize, implement and specifically use their own presence on this social platform. The aim is to set up an attractive profile to draw the attention of companies, specialists, customers and recruiting managers.

Stress Management & Resilience Part 1 + 2

In two consecutive online workshops the participants will learn about the meaning of stress and related stressors. They will get to know what coping strategies they can apply in stressful situations. Further, they will be shown a well applicable method for analyzing behaviour and environment. Eventually, they will know how to successfully change a certain pattern of behaviour and how to maintain it.

Experience leads to Success - 45plus

This workshop aims at professionals who want to obtain pragmatic information about the specific features
and available opportunities on the labour market from the age of 45 onwards. The participants will learn
which professional fields or activities could be of additional interest and how to approach them in a
promising way. They will receive valuable information and tools to improve their employability and their
chances of success on the labour market.

Fit for Assessment Center

This workshop provides valuable information on the structure, procedure and objectives of individual assessments. The participants will learn from an experienced expert which tasks are usually employed, what the assessors pay particular attention to and how they can prepare for these challenges, thus increasing their confidence and reducing their stress levels. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to gain specific experience through practical exercise and receive tips on how to optimise their individual performance in an Assessment Centre.

How to improve your professional image

A workshop for the right dress etiquette in business and job interviews. The participants will get to know different dress codes, rules, “do’s and don’ts”, style sins and colour effects in the business area. With the help of simple tips and tricks, they will be shown how to put themselves in the right light and how to make their outfit appear coherent. The first impression counts!

Perform successfully for our C-level clients

An effective appearance is of great benefit for your professional success. Speaking and communicating can be learned. Presentation skills are the ability to appear competent, convincing and authentic and to win people over for yourself and for your own goals.

Gabriela Amgarten supports you in this. You will learn to assess a communication situation correctly and to adapt your presentation accordingly. You will reduce your fear of appearing, discover your strengths, improve your linguistic comprehensibility and increase your presence.

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