All the workshops are held in small groups. This permits a valuable exchange of information between participants. You also have an opportunity to expand your network within a professional environment. You practice and consolidate the knowledge acquired in group work and presentations while at the same time benefiting from the other participants.

The workshops can also be attended by people who are not completing a New Placement programme.
For more information about the content and costs, contact us at

Workshop Job Market (en/de)

The working world and with it the job market are changing.
You must always keep your finger on the pulse of change and new developments to be able to adjust to the latest job market conditions.

Workshop Network (en/de)

In their daily work, people often need to make a good impression quickly so that their interlocutor remembers them in a favourable light. But how should you really set about realizing correct networking?

Workshop LinkedIn/Xing (en/de)

Making professional use of the social network for business purposes is a key competence nowadays. The social media now play an indispensable role in communication and the interactive exchange of information. The challenge is establishing interesting and correct attributes to draw the attention of businesses, professionals, clients and human resource managers to you.

Workshop Interview Training (en/de)

The job interview is a particularly important step towards recruitment.
Professional preparation, the necessary self-confidence and familiarity with the relevant contents will help you to convince your interlocutor.

Workshop 50Plus Management (en/de)

Because of the demographic, socio-cultural and economic trends, an increasing number of professionals who are “50 or over” have to confront their professional situation actively and look for new prospects either voluntarily or because of circumstances.

Workshop 50Plus (en/de)

The 50Plus workshop is intended for professionals who wish to obtain pragmatic information about the specific features of the over 50 job market and gain an in-depth understanding of themselves and the opportunities available to them through individual and group work.

Workshop International (en/de)

Due to the particular requirements of the Swiss job market, which differs from the international one, we will look at global and Swiss job search strategies for Swiss and foreign based international companies in Switzerland. The workshop is in English.

Workshop Fit for Assessment Center (en/de)

Assessments are an increasingly popular method which companies use during the selection process to find the right candidates for their vacancy.

At the Fit for Assessment Center (AC) workshop, we share with you invaluable information on how individual assessments are designed, what they entail and what the objectives are. You will find out which tasks you will usually be asked to complete, what assessors are particularly looking for and how you can prepare for these challenges.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by undertaking a practical exercise and will be given feedback and pointers on how to make the best possible impression at the AC.

The workshop is a mix of theory, individual work and interactive sessions, all of which ensure participants engage fully with the subject. At your next AC, your confidence and expertise will be very apparent, increasing your chances of success.


This workshop will be held in German.

Workshop Resilience (en/de)

Mastering life often means overcoming smaller and larger challenges and crises. The confrontation with oneself – thanks to various tools – helps to recognize one’s own problem-solving strategies and to rethink them. In this workshop you will learn how to build up and boost your own resilience. In this way you can withstand high stress and strains and grow with difficulties and challenges. You will successfully increase your resources, your efficiency and your well-being.

Workshop Successful Stress Management (de)

Our daily lives often seem like an endless to-do list, and juggling everything while remaining cheerful and positive can present quite a challenge. The workshop helps you to handle stress factors successfully. We analyse your life circumstances, rethink your behaviour patterns and set more focused priorities. Specifically, you will acquire a variety of easy-to-implement tools for successful stress management.


The workshop is aimed at people of all ages who would like to take charge of improving their quality of life, or people who are already aware that the way they currently live their lives is taking a heavy toll on their energy levels and causing them concerns about their health.


This workshop will be held in German.

Workshop 55Plus / Early Retirement (de)

Transitioning from active working life to a new phase of life is a big step in an employee’s life cycle. This new and, in many ways, surprising stage should be carefully planned. Maeder und Partner AG runs a helpful and very engaging workshop at which participants identify and work through various important and unexpected aspects.

The seminar is aimed at employees aged 55 and older who are actively considering a number of possible new directions, as well as the option of early retirement.

All the details can be found here:

Specifically, the workshop addresses the following:

  • Transitioning from a familiar work routine to the great unknown of retirement
  • What is important to me in the here and now? What are my needs?
  • Four possible directions for life after retirement
  • Strengths and competencies from midlife onwards
  • Ideas on how to shape your future after retirement and an opportunity to share thoughts
  • What will change for me and my environment (relationship, structures and routines, beliefs, expectations etc.)
  • Helpful experiences and resources
  • New, meaningful activities for the next phase of life (discussion of experiences and ideas for activities)
  • Major change, including early retirement, affects partners and singles alike: how will I/we handle these changes?
  • General health, well-being & resilience


This workshop will be held in German.

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