Separation always involves a departure from the familiar and daring to do something new. This is true both for employers and employees. Our clients are responsible employers who meet their social responsibilities if redundancies have to be made for any reason. We support your staff in career transition with outplacement or new placement.

We work on a needs-oriented basis: cooperating closely with the company while developing and offering a program tailored to your company’s size and individual needs. We take both the seniority levels and the job market ‘fit’ of the people concerned into account. Costs and the time frame are determined in advance, but the schedule and number of meetings are organized according to the client’s situation and requirements.

The Mäder & Partner new placement program is ideal for senior management, executives at all levels, and employees. Proximity to people is important to us. Three factors allow us to provide effective professional support: individualized advice, our team’s superior level of commitment, and many years of experience on both sides of the recruitment process. These capabilities enable us to focus on all aspects of career transition. Our comprehensive advice is tailored to each individual’s personal situation. In this process, we apply supporting modules and up-to-the-minute information sheets as a practical introduction to career progression. We thereby help the employee concerned to become aware of realistic possibilities and to proactively create new professional pathways.

Newplacement / Outplacement

The rapidly changing landscape of today’s workplace puts heavy demands on everyone involved. We support both companies and individuals during this difficult situation and do our utmost to guide our clients towards a positive and bright future, both in their professional and personal lives.

Skills appraisal

Have you been wondering for some time now whether your career is developing in line with your strengths? Are you aware of your strengths, preferences and character traits? Are you fulfilling your potential?

Workshop / Webinars

The workshops / webinars run by Mäder & Partner are part of the New Placement Program and provide valuable support in the orientation and application process.


Coaching encourages people to reflect on behavior patterns. The coach initiates and accelerates the process of personal growth or decision-making.


Mäder & Partner Career Centre GmbH offers teams and individuals support and guidance for leadership and team development issues, 360° feedback, coaching for managers and specialists, assessments for all hierarchical levels and functions, and change management.

We want the best for our customers, therefore our services are tailored to your needs. We are authentic and work with both heart and passion. Delivering sustainable and superior quality is important to us.


Assessments are proven and valid tools in recruitment and in potential analysis. As a development tool, they help evaluate strengths and weaknesses and compare self-perception with how others perceive you.

Change Management

Our change management support is aimed at companies which are experiencing a change process. Over the years, we have built a solid base of expertise and would welcome the opportunity to support you with your specific requirements.

Leadership and team-building

Acting as an external sparring partner, we draw on our well-rounded expertise to support companies and managers.

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