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Mäder & Partner AG New Placement is a company specialized in outplacement and new placement, HR solutions for reorganisation, and career coaching. We are a committed, interdisciplinary team with many years of experience in the areas of leadership and career consultancy.

Our goal is to accompany our clients on their professional and personal path to a positive, sustainable and promising future.

Our proximity to our clients, our high degree of professionalism and many years of experience, our “feel” for people, along with a superior commitment of our team, ensure our success as a consultancy firm. With offices in Zurich, Basel, Baden, Bern, St. Gallen, Olten, Zug and Luzern as well as longstanding partnerships in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, we are geographically flexible and can guarantee continuity of consultancy services all over Switzerland.

A core value of Mäder & Partner is commitment to resource orientation. Change is challenging, but filled with new opportunities, not the least of which is the chance to change.

Effective tools, an extensive network and many years of experience. We are your partner in the process of professional reorientation.

Regula Mäder Steiner
Owner and Managing Director
Annie Wehinger
Regional Account Director Basel
Karin Lippuner
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Nicole Renggli
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Roger Weber
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Karina Schildknecht
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Sabrina Pagnetti
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Jan-Christoph Wartmann
Consultant New Placement Specialist Coach
Ralph Bornhauser
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Yvonne Abegg
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Gabriela Niedermann
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Viola Christen
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Mierta Romana Jann
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Susanne Achermann
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Sybille Infanger
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Josua Woerlen
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Loris von Reitzenstein
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Claudine Tesan
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Annemarie Haller
Senior & Executive Consultant New Placement
Vesna Plavsic
Team Leader Administration,  Consultant New Placement
Chantal Vollmar
Executive Assistant
Cédric Abegg
Intern Administration

Quality standards and memberships

Member of the Association of Career Firms International, ACF, since 2014

Mäder & Partner AG has been a member of ACF, the Association of Personal & Organizational Change Firms, since 2014.
Mäder & Partner AG has been a member of ACF, the Association of Personal & Organizational Change Firms, since 2014.
This Swiss-based association – founded in February 2004 – brings together the leading providers of career management and organizational development services.

As an ACF member, we meet the required ethical standards and undertake to provide top-quality services. In doing so, we consistently surpass the benchmarks set by ACF for placement rates. Members of ACF are only permitted to offer services in the area of coaching and outplacement.

Member of OIGP, Global Partners leading change for organisations & individuals since 2016
OIGP is the biggest international human resources consulting network. As an OIGP member, we have access to 1,000 human resources experts in 225 offices in 28 countries. Thanks to this strategic partnership, our clients have continuous access to local expertise and global best practice, with a guaranteed service level.

Other memberships:
Zuger Wirtschaftskammer
Industrie- und Handelskammer Zentralschweiz IHZ
ZGP Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management
BGP Basler Gesellschaft für Personal-Management
KMU Swiss
AIHK Aargauische Industrie- und Handelskammer
Arbeitgeberverband Basel
BPW Switzerland


Mäder & Partner AG works both with stock-exchange listed companies in Switzerland and small and medium-sized companies in a variety of sectors. For reasons of discretion we prefer not to publish the names of our clients. For further information, please call us.

At this point I would like to give my advisor a big compliment. She guided me through the whole process in an outstandingly good way and always took my personal requirements seriously. Your motivational and reflective power is infectious!
The reflection work made me aware what a future job should involve precisely and which aspects are particularly important for me in my work. Writing this down from time to time and analysing my own satisfaction with the work will help me in my personal development in the future.
During the New Placement programme I was able to learn a lot about myself that will also help me in the future.
Not everyone has the chance to be helped out and guided by a professional team. Having leadership at your side in such a situation that explains the next steps to you and defines new goals ensures that you won't completely lose your way.


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Our commitment

We are committed to supporting the Zukunft für Kinder (“Future for Children”) project in Muntigunung, Bali. When we visited the project to gain a personal impression, we were impressed by the team’s untiring and fruitful efforts. Supporting their excellent project means a lot to us. In addition to our donations, we buy their locally produced products which we warmly recommend. Regula Mäder is also on the association’s committee.

A variety of interwoven factors throws the population of Muntigunung into poverty. Without outside help, it is not possible for the community to lead an independent life.

Together with the “Future for Children” association is committed to helping disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia who want to actively improve their living conditions. We are focused on the sustainable development of Muntigunung, located in the extremely poor and dry north-east of Bali (Indonesia). We create the necessary conditions to enable these people to take the development of their community into their own hands.

Find out more about the “Future for Children” association and its various projects here: http://www.zukunft-fuerkinder.ch



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